The Easiest Way to Create and Support Your Own Cryptocurrency

Keep dreaming of creating your own cryptocurrency while lacking technical knowledge and experience? Then let Reactor, an advanced decentralized platform for custom crypto creation, do it for you! Just a few clicks, and you’re there!

Create Your Own Crypto in
3 Simple Steps

Set the required parameters for your cryptocurrency.
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Pay the order
with REA coins.
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Get your unique crypto along with full support throughout the life cycle.

Reactor Use Cases

Innovative Ideas


Come up with a new concept for your business or industry and want to power it by crypto? Reactor's capabilities will allow you to create a crypto that serves your idea and contributes to its best implementation.

Payments with your own crypto

Payments with your own crypto

Using your own cryptocurrency for payments within your business is very convenient as thereby you can provide a fair exchange rate and ensure consumers the best experience, allowing them to purchase or pay for your services.

Investment Opportunities

Investment Opportunities

You may even try to create a new big thing and enter the crypto market. Why not? Reactor provides you with the tools flexible enough for creating a new "monster"!

Practical knowledge of blockchain

Practical knowledge

Creating an own cryptocurrency will empower you with new relevant knowledge. You will be able not just to get the hang of crypto but become an in-demand professional.

Advantages and Perks

Feasibility Study


An expert evaluation helps you to make sure that you are on the right track, and dispels myths. Despite blockchain goes mainstream, it may not suit your goals, which is why a feasibility study is highly recommended.

Flexible Initial Configuration

Flexible Initial Configuration

You can choose all the parameters of your crypto with the help of system prompts and Reactor team's advice. A flexible initial configuration allows you create the crypto of your dream!

Full Control Over the Code

Full Control Over the Code

The creation and configuring process is accompanied by the detailed instructions. In the end, you get full control over the code and can change it at your own discretion.

Stand-out Features and Functions

Stand-out Features and Functions

Reactor's creative advice and unique set of features make you visible among your target and competitors’ audiences.

Meticulous Search for Vulnerabilities and Further Code Upgrades

Meticulous Search for Vulnerabilities and Further Code Upgrades

Nothing is perfect, and that's why you can investigate your code for vulnerabilities and make appropriate adjustments with the help of our team.


In addition to the regular block reward,
masternode owners get the following benefits:

15% discount on retail services
25% discount on any service package

(the discount is added to the discount provided by the chosen service package).

Proportional share of 30% of Reactor quarterly revenues.



Staking is a win-win option for moderate
and small budgets.

The reward chance depends on the number of stacked coins, but not completely: even a low-balance wallet can receive rewards if lucky enough.


Technical Data

Coin Name Reactor
Ticker REA
Coin Type PoS
Algorithm X11
Block Time 45 sec
Block Reward Dynamic
Masternode collateral 1000
Total Coin Supply 33 000 000
Premine 957 000 (2.9%)
Min PoS Age 60 min
P2P Port 36390
RPC Port 36393

Distribution of Block Rewards

Blocks Block Reward Masternode Stakers
2-17280 1 0,8 0,2
17281-23040 1,25 1 0,25
23041-28800 1,5 1,2 0,3
288011-34560 1,75 1,4 0,35
34561-40320 2 1,6 0,4
40321-46080 2,25 1,8 0,45
46081-51840 2,5 2 0,5
51841-57600 2,75 2,2 0,55
57601-63360 3 2,4 0,6
63361-69120 3,25 2,6 0,65
69121-74880 3,5 2,8 0,7
74881-80640 3,75 3 0,75
80641-86400 4 3,2 0,8
86401-92160 4,25 3,4 0,85
92161-97920 4,5 3,6 0,9
97921-103680 4,75 3,8 0,95
103681-109440 5 4 1
109441-115200 4,5 3,6 0,9
115201-120960 4 3,2 0,8
120961-126720 3,5 2,8 0,7
126721-132480 3 2,4 0,6
132481> 2,5 2 0,5




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Premine Distribution

Premine distribution
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Development - 50%

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Marketing - 20%

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Listings* - 10%

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Bounties/Promotion/Airdrops/Giveaways - 10%

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Team - 10%

Our Team

CEO, Founder, Senior Blockchain Engineer

With about 5 years of experience in the development and design of blockchain-based systems and implementing them into real businesses, Resident accurately analyzes and predicts an impact of specific blockchain decisions on the development of the company. Resident has an excellent command of Solidity, Geth, Tuffle, MetaMask, web3, etc. and recognizes customer needs along with trends.

CTO (Chief Technology Officer), Blockchain Engineer

Dexter is experienced in developing medium- and long-term technical vision of projects and designing blockchain solutions based on the requirements for the specific industry. Dexter works on the development, design and testing of blockchain technologies and specific features of crypto created on Reactor. Dexter is well-versed in C++, Go, Python, OOD, data structures, algorithm design, bitcoin and ethereum technologies.

Designer & Brand Developer

X-Ray is a brand manager who builds the Reactor brand image, analyzes competitors, trends, and target market. He is in charge of a brand development strategy and advertising campaigns. X-Ray leads the after-release promo for Reactor-based cryptocurrencies.

PR & Product Manager

Flash develops, implements and manages the PR strategy of Reactor, promotes Reactor on the market, including social channels and outreach. Flash perfectly knows PR standards, quickly and accurately analyzes the competitive environment and evaluates the effectiveness of PR campaigns. Flash is a coordinator for community managers.

Community Manager

Having more than 7 years of experience in developing and supporting offline and online communities, Quark perfectly keeps in touch with Reactor community and put Reactor products in the spotlight. Quark connects the development team and users, providing an uninterrupted two-way communication and processing community requests.

Community Manager

An experienced professional in social analysis, Astra distinguishes the users’ responses and identifies best tools for working with the community. Astra is a stress-resistant voice of Reactor. Adaptability, multitasking, and commitment to excellence make Astra an indispensable member of the team.